Cloudera data lake platform

Automated cluster deployment and management
Logging and Monitoring of important Events.

HortonWorks data lake platform

Automated cluster deployment and management

Elastic Search

Optimize search cluster

Deploy a cluster in minutes

Improve Retrieval


Optimize search cluster

Deploy a cluster in minutes


Collect Data From Millions Of Sources

Realtime Visualisation

Welcome to Richmond Data Labs

Richmond Data Labs takes complete ownership of enterprise data management. Right from the system administration, cluster administration, debugging, troubleshooting. So you can focus on business problems and not worry about operational responsibility.

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A to Z of Data Processing. Cloud Setup, Cluster Administration, Data Processing


Setup your cluster in the Cloud on Onsite.


The security of environment and data is our top priority. The environment is protected with industry standard firewall and Intrusion Detection Software.


We are managing the systems so that you can focus on the business problem in hand.

Automation Everywhere

Our effort is to automate everything. From deployment to maintenance to decision making. We try to avoid humans error in the process.

Technical Support

Our support staff is available during business hours and 24/7/365 for critical problems to assist you.

Let's talk

Discuss with us for your proof of concept or any data related problems.

Customize for your needs

We tailer made data processing for your needs. Do you want to run batch operation or real time operation?

  • Enterprise Tools
  • User Managed
  • Machine Driven

Machine Driven Management

Majority of our work is managed by automated tools.

  • Automation
  • Graphical Control
  • Process Orientied

Data Ingestion

Ingest Data from hundered of sources

  • Modular Integration
  • Uniform Security
  • Controlled Changes

Our Products

Hadoop security is a big task and even with a number of tools it is diffcult to manage. Our security solution uses machine learning and can automate majority of the security challenges.

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